Ghosts of Rwanda

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Response paper assignment

Outline/draft due Monday
Paper due Tuesday – at least 4-5 pages, single-spaced
Address the following questions in a serious, structured paper. You’re encouraged to write about your own thoughts and feelings, but make sure to zoom out and consider the larger perspective and issues too.

1. React, vent – what stood out for you? What issues does the story of the Rwandan genocide raise?
2. Where is the hope? In the face of such bleak desolation, where can we find nuggets of hope?
3. What lessons did you learn or should we learn from the Rwandan genocide?

We will discuss the issues mentioned in #1 on Monday & Tuesday. #2 hints at one of the major themes of the course.


The PBS/Frontline site has a viewer’s guide that includes a timeline, glossary (confused about Hutu vs. Tutsi?), and narrative of the broad progression of the documentary. If you’re having trouble remembering the names of the people you met in the documentary itself or if you want a reminder of what you watched, go here.

The main Ghosts of Rwanda site also includes video interviews, background about some of the people in the documentary (e.g. Captain Mbaye), links to analysis, etc. Explore a little.

For an even more in-depth background, try the Human Rights Watch site.