Video: “The New Apartheid”

Here is a YouTube version, in three parts, of the documentary that we watched today about illegal immigration in South Africa, primarily from Zimbabwe.  The goal of discussing this video was to:

  1. continue our close attention to the election crisis in Zimbabwe
  2. link to our focus on South Africa earlier in the course, and
  3. draw connections between Africa and America

As we discussed in class, the piece raises several issues:

  1. The further impact of Robert Mugabe’s rule and the shattered economy in Zimbabwe
  2. The emergence of post-apartheid intra-racial racism/xenophobia in South Africa
  3. The almost one-to-one parallels between illegal immigration in South Africa and in America

The series is Channel 4’s The Unreported World; the episode is called “The New Apartheid.”  You can also find a Channel 4 summary online here and an article on the issue and this episode from The Independent here.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: