Here you can look up your grades with the random number that only you and I know: the files contain no identifying information. You'll be able to track your progress continually and will always know whether you're missing any assignments.

Make sure to look for your ID number in the yellow column, NOT the gray Excel row numbers on the left.

Please read the note at the top of the Q4 grades sheet or the more detailed post on the site about final late penalty calculations. This post explains the spring exam grades. Email me if you've lost your ID number.

WS spring exam grades
WS Q4 grades 06.05.08


The only grades that count are the ones on your report card. You should think of these grades as estimates: they're preliminary, will probably change, and may not include big assignments or participation grades. I may reweight or drop assignments, grant extra credit, subtract for lateness, etc. Just work hard.