Renaissance art study guide

I’ve created a study guide for the art of the Renaissance and Northern Renaissance. For the art quiz, you’re only responsible for recognizing and naming the artists and works represented in this study guide (I might also ask you to identify the inspiration for a modern imitation or satire).

For future tests and exams, remember that we studied more about the two Renaissance periods than is represented in this purely art-focused document – read the reminder on the first slide and go back to your notes + guided review.

Because the PowerPoint file is somewhat large (11.3 MB), I’ve also uploaded a smaller zipped folder (1.6 MB) that contains JPEG images of each slide. If you have a broadband connection, neither version should pose you any problems.

Renaissance art study guide (PowerPoint, 11.3 MB)
Renaissance art study guide (zipped JPEGs, 1.6 MB)