Revolution-era art study guide

Jacques-Louis David (pronounced dah-veed) was Napoleon’s favorite painter and himself a prominent revolutionary.  His neoclassical style was markedly different from the contemporary frivolous rococo style.  Here are Wikipedia links for David, Goya, and Delaroche.

Be sure you can explain the events depicted in these paintings – the historical significance makes them important.  Also be sure to note that there are two paintings named “Napoleon Crossing the Alps.”  David’s version glorifies Napoleon and is more famous; Delaroche’s version was painted in 1850 and … does not glorify Napoleon.

In some sections, we did not look at “The Death of Marat” (also translated as “Marat at His Last Breath”).  It’s a reverent, sympathetic, man-of-the-people portrait of the assassinated leader of the sans-culottes.

Here are the works that you’re required to know.  Click on any thumbnail to see a larger version and click again on that version to see the full size: