Spring exam grades

Spring exam results are now posted on the grades page.  All World Studies grades (Q4 & exam) are now online, so please spread the word.

This exam was hard, wasn’t it?  Know that I enjoyed seeing that you’ve really learned a lot this semester.  On the last question, almost all of you said you most enjoyed learning about one of the topics … I most enjoyed teaching.  So, we’re in agreement.

Check back sometime soon.  I’ll likely post a few of the more amusing snippets from people’s exams (anonymously, of course)…

Here’s the grading explanation:

The grade sheet tells you how many points you received on the multiple choice, your raw multiple choice percentage, and your curved multiple choice percentage.  I considered that curved MC score and your score on the subjective pages of the exam (the last column) when I calculated your overall final exam grade.

Combining those two scores qualitatively allowed me some flexibility to accommodate those students who clearly performed better on one part of the exam than the other.  If you’re way better at writing than at answering multiple choice questions – or the other way around – I worked to recognize that fact.