Updated fourth quarter grades

I’ve posted updated fourth quarter estimated grades to the site.  Please read the note at the top of the sheet about the final late penalty calculations and/or read below for more detail:

In this final version of the grades spreadsheet, late penalties have been calculated as follows:

These calculations are generous.

  • Zeroes remain zeroes
  • Most late items lose a letter grade off their graded score
    Late but fully completed work receives a B, but, for example, a late item with a raw score of a B+ receives a C+
  • All 28.1-28.3 late penalties are forgiven
    Some sections completed this work in class, but others didn’t receive that blanket “on-time” opportunity.  In the interest of fairness, everybody gets an “on-time” opportunity on this assignment
  • Late binders do not receive a late penalty on all four items
    Instead of a late penalty applied to each of the four grades in the early-quarter notebook check, the late penalty only applies to the overall organization grade.  For example, a complete but late binder receives a 5 out of 20 points on the organization grade but the full 110 homework points
  • Work turned in “at the end of the day” is late
    Students asking for full credit for work they turned in “at the end of the day” have been denied.  Assigned work is due at the beginning of class
  • Take-home test late penalties are 1/2 grade for same-day lateness & full grade for anything more